Wildlife Tour (Morning Mimosa or Sunset Cruise)

During the boat tour, you will see rays jumping and turtles swimming. You will see wildlife before you even leave the bay, mainly diving pelicans, and frigatebirds overhead. The views during the two-hour adventure is always unexpected: dolphins playing in the boat’s wake, turtles floating in the sun or devil rays popping out of the water, giant mantas gliding along, a hundred singing pilot, humpback and cachalot whales.

  • Tour Prices: $75 per person, minimun 4 people = $300 (or $200 per 2 persons).
  • Tour Departure: 8:30 a.m. (Morning) or 3:30 p.m. (Sunset Cruise, summer season only).
  • Tour lenght: 2 hours.
  • What´s included? Boat tour, english speaking guide, fruit snacks and pastry (transportation to San Juanillo Beach not included).
  • What do you need to take? Short pants, light clothing, bathing suite, towels, flip flop, sunscreen, and camera.
  • Recommended for: For all familly, nature lovers and general public.
  • Payment method: You can charged to your hotel account or pay cash directly to the tour operator.

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