• Our body exfoliants use a combination of nutritive natural ingredients to remove toxins, increase circulation and leave you with radiant skin.
  • We apply conditioning body cream with a seaweed, chocolate, Vitamin C or coffee base at the end of all exfoliation procedures as they highly moisturize your skin, leaving it refreshed.

Exfoliations Prices: 

Chocolatheraphy $145 + tax per person includes: chocolate grains body scrubs, chocolate body mask, 30 minutes relaxing massage with chocolate oil. 

Strawberry body therapy $145 + tax per person includes: strawberry body scrub, strawberry body mask, 30 minutes relaxing massage with strawberry oil. 

Coconut and sea salt treatment $125 + tax per person includes: coconut and sea salt body scrub, 60 minutes relaxing massage with coconut oil. 

Please note: Do not disclose any personal or payment information in your request